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EWIS, PA & Fire Systems Replacement


The original EWIS, Fire and PA system was installed with the building in the early 90s.​ In addition the EWIS systems doesn’t comply with recent code changes to AS 1670 which was updated in 2018. and the ABC (Airport Building Certifiers) has requested that Visual Audible Devices (VAD’s) be upgraded as part of the Global Fire Safety Strategy (GFSS) throughout all terminals.​

In addition The Fire systems field devices are no longer supported by the manufacturer and Recent testing of the EWIS systems (DEC 22) revealed that multiple components failed that are no longer supported which resulted in Sydney Airport procuring used parts to keep the Systems compliant. ​


The FM teams have done a stellar job of keeping these systems compliant over the years but it’s time to bring the latest technology into the facilities to improve customer safety and strategically align all terminals onto the one platform. This will also bring the systems up to full compliance with recent changes in Australian Standards such like AS 1670 and regulatory requests.

Mainly focusing on Terminal 3 the scope includes a complete replacement of the Dry Fire system, Emergency Warning & Intercommunication System (EWIS), Public Address System (PA), re-fresh of the current Fire Matrix and gap analysis. In addition to Fire Services upgrades we are also installing centralized UPS’s and improving the resilience of the ICT network which strategically connects each terminal to the airports Incident Operations Centre (IOC).

In order to maintain a seamless transition we will be installing new and old systems side by side until the new systems are fully commissioned. We will be managing the stakeholders to ensure a zero disruption approach is undertaken working closely with contractors staging plans and programming.

CAA specializes in “Delivering Infrastructure of the Future” in an open, transparent and collaborative manner ensuing that all stakeholders goals and outcomes are achieved. Get in touch if you believe we can help with your up and coming infrastructure challenges.

Download this article (one pager PDF):

CAA _ EWIS, PA & Fire Systems Replacement
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