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CAA Engineering To Deliver Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) For Client

CAA was appointed to deliver the Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) for one of our clients in Sydney. With the new NSW legislation that came into force in 2020 "Building and Development Certifiers Regulation 2020 " the game has significantly changed for building owners to maintain annual certification.

With over 2600 defects to rectify in 9 months across Active Fire, Passive Fire, Mechanical, Access Control we are pleased to announce that all 35 Fire Safety Measures were completed and AFSS submitted to City Of Sydney Council on time. The Mechanical team had to review multiple FER's which were produced over the last 20 years to bring together a Cause and Effect matrix.

This resulted in many assessments into the FIP programming in order to align Access Control, Fire and Mech system strategies together. Coordinating 10+ sub contractors over the 9 month process resulted in twice weekly daily action meetings, many site defect inspections, 2 month of Full function Fire testing.

CAA specialise in bringing your Essential Services Contractors together to achieve your Building Compliance requirements in AFSS Sydney. Working with Accredited Practitioner (AP), Fire Engineers, Building Services Manager, Certifiers and Sub-contractors CAA Engineering can audit, status, track, challenge and ensure a value for money approach is undertaken to comply with your AFSS process.

Download this article (one pager PDF):

Annual Fire Safety Statement
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